Had my daily does–Dose daily that is, and read a horrific news about China.
—Some 20 people were killed by police during a protests on Dec.6.  Those people are mainly peasants who lost their land and got nothing in compensation. 
Talk about human rights!
Denying will not do when our government is accused of violating human rights again and again.  We need action!  We Chinese people should let the government and people from all over the world know that we demand an inquiry!  It’s not about saving face, for i don’t think there are many people admire us.  It’s about patriotism, about our love to our country, to our people!
The scumbags who ordered to fire on innocent unarmed peasants should be shot themselves!  They are murderers, heartless, cold-blooded murderers! 
Justice!  We citizens of people’s republic of China demand justice! 
DEC. 6th, 2005—A shameful day in Chinese history.  We will remember all the innocent lives lost to the shameless murderers!