It’s funny to see John MaCain air quote women’s issue, it’s even funnier to see some of his female supporters avoiding a certain word begins with “C”. 

The word is “Choice”, in case you are not following the campaign.  Let me put it into context for you, it’s the “Choice” that goes after “Pro” they are afraid of.  This ridiculous sensitivity has virtually wipe off the word “Choice” from vocabulary of the Conservatives, especially its female demographics.

Now after Mr Greenspan admitted on the national TV that the system of free market is fundamentally flawed, the new politically incorrect phase is “Free Market”.  A friend of mine actually asked me if I have changed my position of a free marketeer, the answer is a definite “No”, but I can see the fight to advocate free market is getting tougher and tougher because of the current financial crisis.

So I am delighted to see that ABC’s 20/20 broadcasted the following wonderful documentary on October 17, appropriated named “The Politically Incorrect  Guide to Politics”: