Although Year 2009 is already 11 days old, there are still 354 amazing days till everybody gets another year older.  So, HAPPY NEW YEAR, folks!

My new year resolution?  Update this blog more often – at least one entry per month 😛

Bloging is an excellent way to process and digest info we get during the course of day, I have to say.  Especially for a lucky person who has short memory.  For one, I suspect 50% of my usually active brain cells have been sleeping (deeply) since my last entry.  I intend to revive them.

Now I want to talk about Amsterdam.  I missed my chance to taste one of those cookies made with certain green leaves, but I didn’t miss the chance to check out the ladies in the window – with the lucky guy, I must emphasize.  I want to say, legalizing it (both the green stuff and the red lights) is not necessarily a bad idea.  You do see a disproportionally large number of people who dress and behave like they still live in the 60s, but I don’t have anything against tie dye T-shirt.

What interested me was the ladies.  No matter how old they were, or how physique-challenged they were, they took their job very seriously.  With minimum fabric covering themselves, they smiled at people passing by, while striking unbelievably sexy poses.  Don’t believe that a 50 year old, 150 pounds lady can pull that off?  Visit Amsterdam.  It’s the attitude that counts, baby!

So, fire up that postive attitude of yours, and get year 2009 started!  And I wish you a wonderfully exciting year!



Ever wondered why Easter Bunnies can lay eggs?  Not just eggs, colorful ones too. 

Well, this Wiki entry explained it quite clearly.  Yes, before putting on their bunny ears, Easter Bunnies were birds.  Now, everything makes sense, doesn’t it?

Not quite.  There is an ongoing debate on Easter Bunny’s sexuality.  I don’t get it, but apprantly people think the bunny is less gay now that it used to be a bird.  The author of the entry didn’t clarify in what sense they were using the word “gay”.  I mean, in old English, being gay wasn’t bad at all.  Not that I am saying that there is anything wrong being gay now.  But the hostility against “alternative lifestyle-rs” is all too real in our society.  

OK, my point is, if a bird can lay eggs, it must be a female bird, right (at least on this planet called Earth)?  In other words, an egg-laying bunny must be female as well.  So why accuse the poor bunny of being gay?  Did anyone accuse the playboy bunnies of being lesbian?  Pardon me, God.  I am just trying to strike the point home. 

Anyhoo, today is the day millions of kids spending the whole morning searching for colorful eggs laid by home-grown bunnies.  I wish both the kids and parents lots of fun.  For those of us who are too cool for the game, Happy Easter!      


…you see red panties everywhere!

This is a bonus of living nearby the market.  Really, markets are wonderful places: they reflect people’s mood, and never lie – look at the stock markets, you don’t see the Wall Street folks toasting any longer.

Wait, what I wanted to talk about?  Right, red panties.  We Chinese people are big fans of the color red.  Don’t believe me?  Try get invited to a Chinese wedding or a New Year party.  You would be dazzled by the different shades of red you see. 

I was dazzled anyway – by the huge amount of red panties on sale on the market.  Forget about the flowers, the good fortune ornaments and tasty snacks, you know we are taking this whole New Year thing seriously when you see the red panties.  You know what we say – good luck start with red under garments!  

And no, I wouldn’t be surprised when I get home this Sunday that my mom hands me a red parcle and, inside I will find a set of red underwear, perhaps a matching pair of red socks.  And I will for sure put them on – we all could use a little bit of luck, right? 

Anyhow, Happy Chinese New Year, folks!     

Christmas, Christmas Eve for some Europeans, New Year, New Year Eve for folks who like countdowns…The holiday season is REALLY long.  And for some reason, I am immuned from this supposedly contagious fesitivity.

When people around me are drafting their new year resolutions, I am watching Fawlty Towers – one of the best sitcoms in the world.  If you like Monty Python, you would like Fawlty Towers too.  Trust me.

When friends gave me presents, I needed a second or two to think about the reason: Why?  Why on earth they would do this?  Apparently my reaction has made some people pretty uncomfortable.  And one actually panic:”No, no particular reason.”  Translate: just accept the damn thing, will you?

Alas, holiday has lost its charms without this particular person.  Well, I think the last line has qualified this post “Cheesy”.  I will stop.

P.S. For those who are feeling the vibe, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!