Although Year 2009 is already 11 days old, there are still 354 amazing days till everybody gets another year older.  So, HAPPY NEW YEAR, folks!

My new year resolution?  Update this blog more often – at least one entry per month 😛

Bloging is an excellent way to process and digest info we get during the course of day, I have to say.  Especially for a lucky person who has short memory.  For one, I suspect 50% of my usually active brain cells have been sleeping (deeply) since my last entry.  I intend to revive them.

Now I want to talk about Amsterdam.  I missed my chance to taste one of those cookies made with certain green leaves, but I didn’t miss the chance to check out the ladies in the window – with the lucky guy, I must emphasize.  I want to say, legalizing it (both the green stuff and the red lights) is not necessarily a bad idea.  You do see a disproportionally large number of people who dress and behave like they still live in the 60s, but I don’t have anything against tie dye T-shirt.

What interested me was the ladies.  No matter how old they were, or how physique-challenged they were, they took their job very seriously.  With minimum fabric covering themselves, they smiled at people passing by, while striking unbelievably sexy poses.  Don’t believe that a 50 year old, 150 pounds lady can pull that off?  Visit Amsterdam.  It’s the attitude that counts, baby!

So, fire up that postive attitude of yours, and get year 2009 started!  And I wish you a wonderfully exciting year!