I’ve been taking German lessons twice a week since June.   Now almost 4 months later, I have to admit, my German still ist nicht gute.  That’s what happens when you learn a new language on your expense account,  and the native speakers are so obssesed with the gender of virtually everything.

Today I was ambushed by my German teacher, a lovely Polish lady – so if I ever had a polish accent when I speak German, I know whom to blame.  She asked me to write down two or three verbs and noums, I wrote Hund (dog), Katze (cat), Blumen (flowers), rennen (to run), lachen (to laugh).  Then she asked me to write a poem with them.

Richtig?  I asked her.  She noded with a smear on her face.

Oh what the heck.  Goethe would not come back to hunt me for butchering his language, he is listening Punk Rock these days.  So here is my maiden voyage into the vast see of German words, bear it with me:

                           Mein Hund ist aktiv

                           Aber ich bin nicht Sportiv

                           Ich hasse renen abgrundtief

                           Meine Katze geht demonstrativ

                           Sie denkt sie is attraktiv

                           Ich lache wenn sie hat Stimmungstief

                           Ich weiß, ich bin nicht sensitiv

                           Aber ich bin postiv

                           Wenn sie meine Blumen isst

                           Bin ich nicht depressiv 

A 1,5 hours German lessen: 50 EURO.  Messing up a foreign language, priceless.