Pardon my random blogging schedule, dear readers.  Blame it on CNN, it cannot stop rambling on and on. 

Ok, a few updates.  The lucky guy and I celebrated his birthday with great food and the “Sex and the City” movie.  It felt more like my birthday though.  He absolutely despises chick flick, but I talked him into watching the movie with me to “celebrate” his birthday.  I know, an evil woman I am!  The poor man felt asleep during the movie, but I pretended not noticing.  Having him besides me was already enough.

And I don’t blame him.  The movie was simply bad.  Way too long, overly dramatic, plagued with lame jokes…My chance to trick the lucky guy into watching the TV series with me is now officially slim to none.

Move on to the Middle East.  I am visiting Qatar and Kuwait for business next week, after struggling to get a Qatari business visa.  First, they rejected my application stating the following reason: “We Do Not Entertain Chinese.”  Then, when pressed to issue me the visa, they made me a man.  So on Monday, I will hand over the visa (with my right hand, allow me to emphasize) that states I am a man to an immigration officer, and explaine how this mistake might have happened.  You can bet that I will be wearing pants, not skirt. 

What else?  Oh, happy Dragon Boat Festival!  Got a Dragon boat, anyone?