Since the earthquake, many friends have contacted me.  I am deeply touched by their concerns for me and my family.  Luckily, so far everyone I know is safe. 

But many others aren’t as lucky.  Death toll is approaching 20,000, thousands are still missing, survivors are homeless and in urgent need of food and water. 

Financial Times praised the government for its quick response and increased transparency.  But many Chinese citizens still have questions: Why weren’t the earthquake detected? Why is that so many buildings collapsed were schools, whereas almost none of the government buildings did? 

I don’t want to point fingers in this entry.  I just want to show you what make me proud of being a Chinese amid the disaster: Thousands lined up to donate blood; soldiers, nurses and doctors marching on foot to the epicenter with food, water and medicine; rescuers risking their own lives searching for survivors; volunteers deliver food and water from shelter to shelter…These people – not the Beijing Olympic Games – is the reason why I am proud to be Chinese.