CNN is the only English channel I have at the hotel, it’s my reliable source to the outside world, as compare to the moody WiFi I pay to only be able to use in the Lobby.  Only on it’s good mood days, I get to surf the net in my room.

It has occured to me that this is the major reason why my addiction to internet is gone. 

Back to the topic.  The minute I heard the news from CNN, I picked up phone and tried to call my Mom.  Clearly the phone line got disrupted somewhat, for before I finally get to talk to my Mom, I was greeted by three different people in 2 different languages.  Now I know how easy it is to tap someone’s phone.

Luckily, my Mom is OK, only slightly scared as she put it.  My brother is at school, thrilled by the experience and may have got a perfect opportunity to comfort the girl he really likes.  My Dad is on a business trip outside Sichuan, I hope he is OK.  Don’t want to sound cold-hearted, but both me and my Mom couldn’t reach him by phone.  Of course, we will continue to try to contact him. 

Now if you would excuse me, I have to go up to my apartment and watch CNN.