I thought blogging was addictive.  I was wrong.  As you can see, my dear readers, I am cured.  

This happens either when I am too busy having fun or too bored to have anything interesting to write.  I have to admit, it is mainly the latter this time.  Not that I didn’t have fun.  I enjoy my work tremendously, my coworkers are awesome, my boss is hilarious.  And, I may soon go on a business trip to the Middle East – really, I have nothing to complain about.

But we women are good at looking at both sides.  Europe can get boring during the weekend, if you don’t have someone sitting under the sun, devouring gigantic ice cream or sipping coffee with you.  Because this is pretty much what you can do on weekends.  All shops are closed for the benefit of window-shopping loving folks.  For the rest of us who want spend some money, our choices are limited: beer garden, cafe, restaurant, and museum.  I’ve tried them all.  But really, how many times do you want to see those abstract paintings if you don’t have an inkling what they are?

That was my point.  But I will overcome it.  Europe is fantastic and I don’t want to be anywhere else (except maybe somewhere closer to my German/English Language instructor) !