Every country has some ridiculous rules and regulations.  In some part of the States, for instance, water level in your bath tub cannot exceed 35 cm.  Don’t laugh, bath tub cops will bust you if you don’t take it seriously. 

Germany is no exception.  I was talking with a friend about a ridiculous regulation involving sinks and it gave me a business idea.  My company has put me into a nice apartment, but I have to find a place of my own after three months.  So naturally I started gathering info on apartment hunting.  First, I heard the usual stuff: bad neighbourhoods, nasty landlords, unexpected railway tracks next to your bedroom window, ect…Then I was told this bizzar regulation: tannets must take the sink with them when they move.  I know, my jaw almost reached the floor when I heard it. 

Then this brilliant idea of a sink deposit service came to my mind.  I will call my staff the Sink Squad.  Sink Squad will go to people’s kitchen and take out their sinks for them.  Of course, upon request, the Sink Squad will be happy to install the sinks into their new places.  With a fee, of course.  The unwanted sinks will be stored and resold on the second hand sink market – catering to folks who move a lot. 

Not a bad business model, right?  Le’ts hope that IKEA is not already doing it!