Everyday, I am greeted by concerned faces of colleagues: “How are you?  Do you feel lonely?”  You can almost see their disappointment when they heard me saying “I am doing great, and no, loneliness didn’t hit me”.  I almost added “But Sundays here do get too quite tho”, just so that they feel their concern didn’t waste on my insensitivity towards my lonely life in this foreign land.

But I must disappoint them, for I love it here!  Well, at least I haven’t been here long enough to find it boring.  The Dom still looks magnificent every day I walk by, flower vendors on the street still slows me down, backeries can still easily seduce me with sweet aroma, and… the German language still sounds utterly exotic.  Yes, it still feels like a prolonged vacation, except I need to spend most of the day time listening to colleagues’ multi-language phone conversations. 

And knowing that an one-hour flight  will bring me closer to that special someone?  Priceless.