Ever wondered why Easter Bunnies can lay eggs?  Not just eggs, colorful ones too. 

Well, this Wiki entry explained it quite clearly.  Yes, before putting on their bunny ears, Easter Bunnies were birds.  Now, everything makes sense, doesn’t it?

Not quite.  There is an ongoing debate on Easter Bunny’s sexuality.  I don’t get it, but apprantly people think the bunny is less gay now that it used to be a bird.  The author of the entry didn’t clarify in what sense they were using the word “gay”.  I mean, in old English, being gay wasn’t bad at all.  Not that I am saying that there is anything wrong being gay now.  But the hostility against “alternative lifestyle-rs” is all too real in our society.  

OK, my point is, if a bird can lay eggs, it must be a female bird, right (at least on this planet called Earth)?  In other words, an egg-laying bunny must be female as well.  So why accuse the poor bunny of being gay?  Did anyone accuse the playboy bunnies of being lesbian?  Pardon me, God.  I am just trying to strike the point home. 

Anyhoo, today is the day millions of kids spending the whole morning searching for colorful eggs laid by home-grown bunnies.  I wish both the kids and parents lots of fun.  For those of us who are too cool for the game, Happy Easter!