I suppose I am the only exception.  To be fair, the Vista system on my computer does freeze from time to time, it does take forever to load, and it issues warnings of all sorts all the time.  But I blame it on my lack of interest in updating the hardware.  After-all, all I need is a piece of machine that emails, blogs, borrowses web-pages with cute/evil cat pictures like the one above.  I am easily satisfied when it comes to technology.    

New York Times ran an article  on the “suckiness” (I know, this is not a word.  But allow me anyhow.) of Vista few days earlier in their tech section.  Author Randall Stross revealed that even the Microsoft executives couldn’t stand their latest innovation.  A bulk of internal emails circling among Microsoft management was disclosed by court.  It turns out that Mike Nash, the vice president that oversees Windows product management and, Steven Sinofsky, the company’s senior vice president responsible for Windows all got burned.  And all of them agree that Vista sort of sucks.   

Tip of the hat to these brave self-criticizing gentlemen at Microsoft.   

Now the only mystery is this: does Bill Gates himself use Vista?  Can anyone tell me?