Boing Boing boasts to bring readers “everything wonderful in the world,” they always deliver.

The two wonderful stories they posted today can be MBA case study on how to treat customers… how should I put this…creatively?  The first story concerns an angry hair stylist.  Her client wasn’t thrilled by her fruit of labour and made sure she knew it.  How do you think she responded?  Take your guess.

A. Apologized and redo the hair;        

B. Didn’t give a damn and stuck up the bill on the client’s forehead;       

C. Took out her gun, aimed at the client, then fired the damn thing.  

If you chose C, congrats!  You know how to treat an unappreciative customer! 

The second story concerns a modern art form: graffiti.  A pizzeria in San Francisco posted a  sign in their restroom, urging the potential graffiti-artists to express their artistic feelings in another way:”Honestly, We rather you give us the figure on the way out than destroy our mirror, garbage can and walls.”  “And,” the sign read on, “We already have enough graffiti on our walls.”  No new graffiti have shown up since the sign, do you think it is because of the sign or the simple fact that there is no room for another art piece? 

Now tell me, do you plan to be extra appreciative to your hair stylist the next time you visit her/him?