Imagine Hitler’s expression when he tried to figure out why on earth someone would ask him this question.  Comic at a cosmic scale.  Of course, no one needs to ask this question, his birthday is not really a state secret.

So the British government didn’t ask Fuhrer before they hired an astrologer.  Yea, you heard me correctly: MI5 hired an astrologer to chart Hitler’s stars.  “Now tell me, please.  What’s Hitler’s lucky number today, Mr. de Wohl?”  Of course, the British spies didn’t only care about his lucky number.  They also wanted to know how lucky he would be in the love department on any specific day.  Kidding.

This is serious business.  Well, at least for a while.  The MI5 put the astrologer, Louis de Wohl, in a hotel in London’s exclusive Park Lane, gave him a “wealthy female patron” and “a mistress”.  But Mr. de Wohl almost blew his “male gold digger” cover with his “flamboyantly gay demeanour.”  In spite of this, Mr. Churchill (yea, Mr. Winston Churchill!) sent de Wohl to the US to persuade the Americans that the Nazis woudl lose within months if they entered the war.  Talk about “Desperate time calls for desperate measures!”  Well, of course we all know that didn’t work.  The Japanese and their bombs were better persuader. 

Sense of humor, the Brits got them!  BTW, just so you know, Mr.Hitler is a Taurus!