If you have read the book, I was told, then you would hate the movie; if you haven’t, then you would hate the book after watching the movie.  Well, I haven’t read the book, and I have watched the movie.  And I don’t hate either of them.

In fact, I quite enjoyed the movie.  And I would recommend it to every romantic out there.  Not because this is a terribly romantic movie – which it is, somewhat.  I highly recommend this movie, because it makes all the romantics (myself included) realize how silly we are.  This, my friend, is the ultimate anti-romance movie, despite it’s title suggesting the contrary. 

I don’t know whether the author of the same name book Gabriel Garcia Marquez or the director intended it to be this way, but it sure busted the myth around “Everlasting Love” for me.  What is it but an illusion, a wishful thinking?  How silly it is to think you can actually love or beloved by someone forever?  

Go watch the movie, take it lightheartedly, and enjoy the crude humor.  And I am going to pick up a copy of the book, to see whether the author wrote it while thinking he was doing a huge favor for the incurable romantics.