The first time I heard about, or rather read about “German Expressionism” was from one of Kurt Vonnegut’s books.  I believe it was “Blue Beard”.  So yea, you can say that I am not very “art-savvy” if this is a correct expression.  But Bob Dylan’s paintings got me interested in this art form.  Again, I apologize for my cultural ignorance.  I cannot drop big names for I don’t know any.  So bear with me: Bob Dylan got me interested in German Expressionism.

And hooray to the almighty google!  I found a good introduction to German Expressionism.  Read this: German Expressionism is perhaps the most complex, diverse and saddest movement ever to be included in the history of Modern Art.  What contributed to its sadness however, the author didn’t elaborate.  Something in the German air, I suppose.  

Remember the Monty Python skid on the funniest joke in the world?  During WWII,  the British came up with a joke that was so funny that it literally killed.  The Germans tried to come up with their killer joke, but realized they just didn’t have the funny bone. 

I suspect that Kurt Vonnegut was influenced by German Expressionism.  All of his works have an air of sadness, his jokes have a bitter after taste.  This is a man suffered for years from depression while writing the most brilliant satires on life, people and the universe.  Like Bob Dylan, he wasn’t at ease with his time.  Who can blame him?