Ms. Dowd is a New York Times Op-Ed columnist.  She has been writing about the White House and its occupants since the Regan era. 

Mrs. Clinton is a democratic contender for the top job.  She has been losing voters since her brainy husband invited himself to the race.  Clearly, he doesn’t want to be remembered as The First ‘First Husband’.  “Not cool.  What would Monica think of me then?”

Ms. Dowd’s here to offer some advice: “Sunny beats gloomy. Consistency beats flipping. Bedazzling beats begrudging. Confidence beats whining.”  That’s also a great advice for us all.  Life is full of politics, don’t you agree?

Coincidentally, I am reading Ms. Dowd’s new book “Are Men Necessary?”.  Not surprisingly, she understands politics between the sexes very well.  From feminist to sexist, from Barbie to Sex and the City, from Cosmo girl to Playboy, she’s seen it all.  Sexual realities and absurdities elegantly discussed in that biting, provocative, hilarious tone of hers.  She has easily made Oscar Wilde the ladies’ man by referencing him every other page.  (Clearly, dear Oscar knew a thing or two about hetero relationship.)

I think I’ve just found myself another Art Buchwald.