I am a big movie fan, and I’d like to consider myself “seasoned” by the amount and kinds of movies I’ve watched.  I dig indie gems, and I can handle depressingly serious or seriously depressing films.  But when I went to the movie theatre with a friend yesterday, the only Oscar-nominated movie we wanted to watch was “Juno”.  Boy did we enjoy it!  And, to quote our dear Oscar host Jon Stewart, “Thank God for teen pregnancy!”

Take a look at these titles: “There will be blood”, “No country for old man”, “Atonement”, “Sweeny Todd”, which one sounds the least dark to you?  If you chose “Sweeny Todd”, congratulations, you are wrong.  “Sweeny Todd” is about revenge, murder, oh and a pie shop selling pies made with a very special ingredient – human flesh.  (But Johnny Depp sure looks great in it!)

I am glad that the writer of “Juno” won the Best Original Screenplay award.  Ms. Diablo Cody (am I the only one who thinks that her first name might not be real?) did an excellent job.  And may I say that I do believe she also did an excellent job being a stripper?  ’cause she is HOT!  Hot and quirky, what more could you ask for from a writer?  

Oh, and I will for sure check out a little Austrian film called “Die Falscher” (Translate: The Counterfeiters)!  One of my readers will be happy to know that his beloved country has just won her first Oscar and – it is nothing like The Sound of Music 😉