Marginal Revolution‘s Tyler Cowen on how an economist travels here.  (Yes, economists do travel.  Some may even have travelled with Miss Angelina Jolie.) 

Being a huge fan of travelling, I am glad that I am not the only one asking seemingly strange questions during vacations.  Here is how Mr. Cowen puts it:

        “Being an economist means there is always, and I mean always, something interesting to look for. In the limiting case, if a country or place is really boring, suddenly it is fascinating to try to understand how it got to be so boring. Economics suggests there is always a ‘why’.  Curiosity is what makes travel so fun and economics gives you one way of organizing your curiosity and framing your questions.”

Now my questions regarding public toilets in Rome doesn’t sound obscene any more, does it?  And the question of why the Romans didn’t invent the perfume given that the air there constantly reminded me of you know what?  Normal.  Curiosity does make travel so much enjoyable!  I mean, when a guy looks like a character from the God Father walks by, don’t you want to know what his favorite hang-out place is, and why?