Some say home is where your heart is, I say home is where Mom is. 

It’s never easy to leave home, it’s never easy to see Mom’s tears at the airport.  I’ve been living away from home since I was nine: boarding schools, college, work.  I thought I have gotten used to this after all these years, but I was wrong.  One hug from Mom, I realized how much I miss her; one tear drop, I realized how much I want to stay. 

Mom is my hero.  She made sure that me and my brother had a sense of security growing up in this not so happy family.  She made sure that we were able to love and believe while seeing so much hatred and deception.    She remains strong and caring no matter what happens. 

Mom always says: don’t be afraid, do what makes you happy.  And she supports my every single adventure whole-heartily.  I am about to go on yet another adventure, and this time I might not be able to see her for a while.  When she heard about my plan, Mom said: go ahead, as long as you are happy.  Things change, people change, but Mom’s love for me never changes. 

I hate to make you cry, Mom.  But I am going away to pursue my happiness.  I will find it, I promise.