I’ve been listening to Nina Simone for several years now.  Still, her music never ceases to amaze me.  No matter how I feel at a particular moment, there is always a song of hers that suits my mood.  Right now, the song would be “Just In Time”.  I love the scene in “Before Sunset” where Jesse met Celine nine years later after their first chance encounter in Vienna, with Nina’s soulful voice in the background.

Nine years ago, both of them were young and full of hope; nine years later, one was unhappily married, the other lost ability to love.  Is this the second chance?  Just in time?

It gives me hope and sends a chill up my spine at the same time, this little movie.  The promising aspect is that many years have passed, they still could not forget about each other, and their 24 hours in Vienna.  It scares me at the same time because it shows that love – no matter how strong it is – is never enough.  We settle not for the best, but the most convenient.  How many human relationships are genuine, and how many are there simply because “they are there”?  And how many survived not because they actually stood the test of time, but because they were convenient? 

How many are “just in time”?