…you see red panties everywhere!

This is a bonus of living nearby the market.  Really, markets are wonderful places: they reflect people’s mood, and never lie – look at the stock markets, you don’t see the Wall Street folks toasting any longer.

Wait, what I wanted to talk about?  Right, red panties.  We Chinese people are big fans of the color red.  Don’t believe me?  Try get invited to a Chinese wedding or a New Year party.  You would be dazzled by the different shades of red you see. 

I was dazzled anyway – by the huge amount of red panties on sale on the market.  Forget about the flowers, the good fortune ornaments and tasty snacks, you know we are taking this whole New Year thing seriously when you see the red panties.  You know what we say – good luck start with red under garments!  

And no, I wouldn’t be surprised when I get home this Sunday that my mom hands me a red parcle and, inside I will find a set of red underwear, perhaps a matching pair of red socks.  And I will for sure put them on – we all could use a little bit of luck, right? 

Anyhow, Happy Chinese New Year, folks!