Another friend is leaving Hong Kong.  The pool of people whom I can have a decent conversation with is shrinking.  Not helping for someone who is ready to leave but has to stay for a little while. 

It keeps raining.  Day and night.  The people in the market continue to go about their life, their work, in this coldness.  You cannot not respect them.  A lot can be learnt from these hard-working people, especially for someone born in the 1980s – the spoiled generation.  I am trying. 

But sometimes you realize that it is not good enough.  What do you do at this point?  Accept it as it is – you’ve tried your best after-all?  Or go the extra miles to make it better?  I know the answer.  Everyone does.  But there is this moment when you think “what if I am not good enough?”, there is this moment you have self-doubt.  How do you deal with these moments?  How do you regain your self-confidence when someone just told you in your face that you are just not good enough? 

We all think we are great.  But at which point in our life do we realize that maybe we are just average?  We all like to think we are someone special, but is that ever true?  What makes us special anyway?  Where does this self-confidence come from? How could we know where we stand?  Folks who claim they have all the answers, please help out, your sister is lost here.

For the rest of us, I guess we just have to deal.  We will get through this, whatever it is.