Kurt Vonnegut’s works share a common theme: loneliness.  His main characters, evil or good, all long for companion, or as he put it, “non-blood extended family”.  We all need a big extended family to cheer us up when we are down, to catch us when we fall, to get through this life or whatever one wants to call it.  

We all feel lonely at one point or another in our life.  It is these moments that make us realize how important certain people are to us.  They love you no matter what.  They keep you warm when you are feeling cold.  They remind you that you are not alone in this world full of lonely souls.  Even though they are thousands miles away, their very existence gives you courage to live on. 

They can be your family members, your friends, your lover.  It doesn’t matter where they are, they are always there, when you need them.  

I am glad that I have them, so that I can have a little bit of fun in this nightmare.  Life would be unbearable if not for them…