Don’t feel particularly talkative these days.  Hence the videos and picture.  They worth more than a thousand words, according to common wisdom.

Not that I don’t want to communicate.  Sadly, I don’t have anything to say.  It’s an awful feeling.  Blank, empty.  Imaging brain being sucked out of your skull, that’s how it is like to me.  Some may call it the moment of Zen, I call it pure hell.  

No, I didn’t watch too much TV.  I don’t watch TV any more, as a matter of fact.  Yes, I do read, a lot.  Staff at the Page One bookstore here in Hong Kong now know me on a first-name basis.  Did I tell you that I actually went to a philosophy club to discuss “separation” with a group of professors over a glass of wine and plenty of Nachos? (unlikely combination, I know.)    

The question remains: What the hell is wrong with me?