For many tourists, Hong Kong is the perfect destination: it has everything for everyone.

Lan Kwai Fung for bar/pub hoppers; gigantic malls for shopaholics; New Territories for nature lovers; Disney Land and Ocean Park for kids and kids-in-the-heart adults…There is also beach, hills, antique stores await their explorers.  All these are exciting, for a while. 

There is another Hong Kong worth exploring – the street markets.  Not those near Central that cater to tourists, especially westerners.  I am talking about the wet markets, the street vendors that supply everyday necessities for local communities.  

I live in one of these markets, as a matter of fact.  And what I see everyday makes me respect my “neighbours” more and more.  Let’s not talk about big words such as “entrepreneurship”, they are just hard working people taking care of themselves and families.  They take pride in not living on the welfare system, they don’t need politicians’ “rescue”, they are not poor people living miserable lives as media usually depict them. 

They are happy and proud.  And why shouldn’t they? Self-pity never gets one far, they know that.  And I hope the media, certain orgainzations and the politicians know this as well.