I know when it comes to education, what matters is the knowledge one gained, not a piece of paper stating that you have attended all the courses and didn’t fail single one of them.  But come on HKU, I’ve seen better souvenirs from my school days!

It’s already bad that you have to pick up your degree certificate days after the graduation ceremony.  You thought you were getting it at the ceremony – I mean isn’t it what the whole thing is about?  I know, there are many other things you can do at the ceremony – wearing the funny gown and hat, socializing with profs, classmates, taking loads of pictures- but that piece of paper should be included on the menu, don’t you think so?

And its even worse when you see them piling up against each other on a table, waiting to be claimed.  Caption: “cheaper by the dozen”.  Wholesale, that’s what this education is about.  Did I mention that it comes with a free plastic bag?   I remember my graduation ceremony from University of Toronto, I had a large envelope at least.