Cato Institute ( is my favorite American think tank that advocates freedom, so you can imagin how excited I was to meet its Vice President Dr. Tom Palmer (

This is a man who smuggled books, money, fax machines and photocopiers from Vienna to Eastern Europe to promote the ideology of freedom and human rights in late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  He arranged for translation and publication of books in economics (including works by Mises, Hayek and Milton Friedman)and lawy into a variety of central and eastern European languages;  and now is trying to do the same in Middle East. 

It’s exciting to know that he just had a successful tour in China to set up Cato’s Chinese venture.  It’s also great to know how receiptive  people he met were of Libertarian ideas.  As a student of Economics, I truly believe property right, rule of law and free market are the most powerful weapons guarding personal liberty.  I hope one day all my fellow Chinese can live in a society where personal freedom is reality rather than just some slogan.

Check out for more info on Cato’s China projects if you can read Chinese.