Every year-end, Conan O’Brien would do this hilarious gig – predicting the future – while wearing a funny hat on his late night show.  The lighting is futuristic, too.  It can only be achieved by shoveling a flashlight under your chin. 

I wonder what he said about inflation this year.  (Hey, I am a student of Economics, I have to talk about inflation at some point, don’t you agree?)

It hit me this morning, the inflation.  I picked up a copy of Financial Times at a news stand near the office, and digging into my pocket for a two dollar coin as I usually do.  Then the lady shot her head:”no need the coin la, 25 dollars”, and added “everything is more expensive.  Crazy la”.  

What can I say, my friend?  The Standard has reminded all of us here that Hong Kong is experiencing the highest inflation since the 1990s.  It’s hard not to give inflation the front page.  Hong Kong people need to dig deeper into their pockets this year.

What would the Oracle say about Hong Kong Dollar, I wonder?  US Dollar is going no where but South, RMB is getting stronger and stronger.  Hong Kong is at this akward position like a kid watching parents quarreling – clueless about what to do or whose side to take.  This is no place to be sentimental.

As for the Financial Times, maybe I can live with their online version for now.