I woke up early this morning – 6 am (a personal record since…I don’t remember, probably my college days.)  And boy did the peculiar question bother me!  Spoiler alert: it involves toothpick.

I was having Dinner with some friends last night.  After we finished, all of them reached out for the tiny little bamboo (or wood?) sticks.  Then the question struck me: Why?  Why pick your teeth at the dinner table, in front of all others?

What’s so charming about this little object?  I wondered for so long – since I got to Hong Kong, as a matter of fact.  They are in EVERY single Chinese restaurant.  You order take-out, they come with the chopsticks.  There is no escape.  Go to a Chinese restaurant tonight, I guarantee you that you will see at least 3 persons picking their teeth with them. 

Let’s not get caught up with their usefulness (I support dental floss), the puzzle is why?  Why is that when many Hong Kong people are bashing ill-mannered mainlanders, they themselves are picking teeth in front of a full house audience? This blind superiority found in many Hong Kongers puzzles me.  I wonder what they say about “double standards”. 

And toothpicks?  I will never understand them either.