Christmas, Christmas Eve for some Europeans, New Year, New Year Eve for folks who like countdowns…The holiday season is REALLY long.  And for some reason, I am immuned from this supposedly contagious fesitivity.

When people around me are drafting their new year resolutions, I am watching Fawlty Towers – one of the best sitcoms in the world.  If you like Monty Python, you would like Fawlty Towers too.  Trust me.

When friends gave me presents, I needed a second or two to think about the reason: Why?  Why on earth they would do this?  Apparently my reaction has made some people pretty uncomfortable.  And one actually panic:”No, no particular reason.”  Translate: just accept the damn thing, will you?

Alas, holiday has lost its charms without this particular person.  Well, I think the last line has qualified this post “Cheesy”.  I will stop.

P.S. For those who are feeling the vibe, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!