When people in a country get to vote whom they think are most corrupted among the leaders, what would your reactions be?
I will tell you mine: huh? 
Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has just been voted by her people as the most corrupted leader in history!
That’s some kind of achivement!
But this poll just made me wondering: what’s going on in Philppine?
Read this:
      35% of respondents picked the infamous Marcos as the most corrupted; 
      16% picked Joseph Estrada (Arroyo’s predecesssor);
      5% chose Fidel Ramos;
Ms Arroyo won the throne by a whopping 42%.
Citizens of Philippine are having bad luck choosing the right leader.
Or, could it be that "absolute power corrupt absolutely", as Lord Acton put it nicely?
What puzzles me is that how it is possible for a country that is so entrenched by corruption carrying out such a poll? 
No offence to my homeland, but I don’t think China can pull this off!