I am about to write something bad about two girls sitting next to me at this very moment.
This, I hope, doesn’t constitute as "talk behind someone’s back".
Oh, well, what the heck, I don’t know them anyway.
Ok, the point is, whatever happened to the strong, independent women who have the gut to tell men to shut up?
I want to ask these two guys who are constantly making sex-related jokes to shut the f*&# up, but can’t.
Yea, I am a coward too.
But at least I don’t just sit there and pretend I don’t get the jokes and ask "innocently" what these jerks mean.
"Why do I need to give you a lapdance?"
Enough already!
I am not a hard core feminist.  But this just pisses me off. 
This culture of "being innocent, or if you are not, pretend to be" that prevails in Hong Kong and much of China.
Pop stars have to act like innocent school girls, or the public would call them bitches.
Girls have to look at guys with puppy eyes, and say "I don’t know what you mean" when the guys have just implied sexual intercourse.
All those things that contribute to this convention of "innocent woman awaits for her powerful rescuer" sort of thing.
I hate this convention. 
Well, maybe I am not good at pretending.  But also, I don’t expect my puppy eyes will give me access to meaningful conversations.
It will just lower my IQ point. 
One might argue that those girls are the smart ones: they cater to society’s and man’s needs, and get rewards.
But I am not interested in men who expect women to look up and worship them as gods. 
We women are stronger than we thought.