Couldn’t sleep last night, ’cause it was and still is raining cats and dogs here in Hong Kong.
Not that I got depressed by the raindrops, quite the contrary, I was so excited about the prospect of Typhoon. 
Never experienced Typhoon in my whole life, I thought it might be good to get an idea of how it looks and feels like.
You might say I am looking for some thrills in this ordinary life, you might be right.
Kitty Fane was looking for some thrills in her life.  She got it, and paid a dear price.
That is the tradeoff, my b/f would say.
As free marketeers, we know there is no free lunch.
Yet sometimes we pay for one thing, and get something else.
That’s why Walter Fane said to his wife:"We were looking for the wrong qualities in each other, qualities that the other never had." 
Love can be very deceiving sometimes.
The point is, what we see in the people we love? 
A better version of us?
The person we could never become?
Or, are we just looking for some thrills to get by this otherwise ordinary life?