The Mix bar near HSBC Headquarter at Central is a great place to get information of any kind.
As it is located right at the heart of the banking and commercial area of the city, you get all kinds of people: office workers, bankers, lawyers, wives of expat executives (the ladies’ club, so to speak). 
Sitting here, you get yourself a world-class library of oh, pretty much everything–from office gossipes, beauty tips to investment advices. 
The other day, a private banker and his high-value client came to discuss future investment plan over a cup of healthy carrot juice.  The private banker told his client that it is time to buy in gold, for "its price has and will continue to sky-rocket given that the world market is flooded with liquidity, and since investors are not going back to property and certain equity any time soon, commodity prices are bound to hike like crazy."
Note taken.
Today, I learnt a new term: googlization of our memories.
A female lawyer sharing a table with me complained to her co-workers that she can’t remember any thing in details any more.  Not that she has a bad memory, she remembers many things, but never in details.
Her lawyer friend comforted her by saying: "oh, don’t worry too much.  It’s called the googlization of memory: you know something about something, and where to find out more.  Honestly, that’s good enough for me!"
So I ask myself this: has your memories being googlized?
And the answer is yes and no.
Yes, because I don’t remember many details about many things, and I consult google, wiki or other sources when I need them.
No,  because this happened before I set google as the homepage of my computer and consult it every 10 minutes.  So what was going on?
And is it good enough for me?
Not sure…