No offence to Evan Almighty, I just need a catchy title.
You know, to grab your attention, so to speak.
A friend send me an interesting article on human nature–the kind of stuff you would not learn in Psychology 101:
Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature  (
I can see Freud smiling from above: I told you so!  
His theory on human sexuality is still immensely influencial.
Well, dear Mr.Freud, no offence, although I have just visited your beautiful country, but you are not the first one pointing out the power of human sexual instincts.
Aristophanes did that centuries before you, and he was funnier.  His comedy titled "Lysistrata" is a classic.   What’s more, he did not have problems with "the inferior sex".  In fact, he showed his contempoaries that women were equally if not more powerful and intelligent than the other sex.  
But he did not assign the role of primary civilization mover to our sexual instincts.  To be sure, they are powerful–just ask Bill Clinton.  But paying too much attention between the legs isn’t going to produce all the answers to the question.  Just like supressing sexual instincts would not make us more moral.