Now that’s not easy for most of us, I know.
But it might be the case for Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary John Tsang. 
After HK government increased its stake at the HKEx, the shares of the bourse surged to a record high.
Mr. Tsang will be getting a fat bonus this year.
As for me, I didn’t gain HK $548 million.  But I still have reasons to wake up with a smile.
A nice coversation with a close friend, a "you have a beautiful smile" compliment from strangers, a nice reading, a cup of soy Latte for breakfast… even the lousy music here at the Mix. 
Ready for the cheesy stuff?
My friends, keep on smiling!  Look at life in its face, but keep on smiling!
*On second thought, today (Sept.11)  might not be the perfect day to wake up with a smile for many.   It’s hard to believe that it has been 6 years sincce the horrific event. 
The irony is that now both sides (Bush Administration and Bin Laden’s group) are claiming that they are winning the war. 
Bush is probably confused now: which is which? 
No, Al-Qaeda is not a rock band, Mr. President.