Yea, finally he can be at ease with his good looks.
Now he has a Best Actor Award from Venice Film Festival under his belt, we can be sure that he is more readily to use his charm in the Ocean’s X franchise.   Buddy George, you are not the only talented good-looking man any moe!
Here is the site for the movie he produced and starred in:  (The Assassination of Jesse James)
(To those who are interested in the man named Jesse, here is a wiki entry about him:
So how was my Hollywood gossip columnist style working for you, my dear readers?
I was reading my blog entries from the past few days, and realized that I haven’t produced many satisfactory stories. 
My bad.
Maybe it’s time to recharge my batteries, maybe it’s time to venture in other kind of writing–hence the attempt at the begining.
But I have to confess, I don’t really enjoy sounding like a Hollywood gossiper (is this actually a word?) at ET or Access Hollywood.  Oops, I think I have just told you I did watch those shows. 
Anyhow, I read Kurt Vonnegut or W. Somerset Maugham to offset the IQ drop brought about by those shows.  So I guess I am still okay.  I hope.