Upon the request of my biggest fan, my arguably biased boyfriend, I am resuming to my Europe-bashing business.
This time, I will talk about our worst day in Rome, the paramount exprience in the city.
You know the feeling that the day is just not your day? 
On that day, everything that can possibly go wrong just go off the rail.  Like the whole cosom is playing a pratical joke on you.
We experienced the day in Rome.
The day started early.
We were waiting for the bus to our scheduled destination in front of our hotel.  Usually it won’t take long, but on that day, the bus just refused to show up–that is, until we gave up the idea of waiting for it and headed toward the nearest Metro station. 
And when we were about 100 meters away from the bus stop, the lovely bus appeared miraclously.
Things got worse.
We could not find the place we wanted to go.
That’s when I know what do people mean by" life is the things happen to you when you are planning for other things". 
After several attempts, we decided to take it easy, let it be.
But then the embarassing washroom situation came up.  
Washroom hunting is no fun in Rome.
And this time, it involved McDonald.  Our logic is straight forward: if there is a McDonald resturant, then there is washroom.
So we tried to spot any McDonald sign, and how lucky we were!
We saw one across the street, the sigh pointing to an ally.
We went to the ally, it was a dead end, with no sign of the creepy clown wearing yellow jumper.
Couldn’t believe it, we went closer to the sign.  It was carried by a mini car, and apparantly the spot is for parking only–the driver did not bother to get down the sign when he decided to take a long lunch break. 
My advice, don’t even try to look for McDonald in Rome.  Because there are countless signs on the street, but none is actually there for your benefit.
An Espesso is your safest bet.
Then here came dinner time.  We were up for a big Italian dinner, and thought we found just the right place.
Unfortunately, we ignored several warning signs: 1) The owner looked like a character from The Godfather; (we figured that we were in Italy, there bounded to be some people look like mafia); 2) The waiter didn’t look like a waiter; (we thought there was no universal law on how a waiter should look like).  So we sat down, waiting for our big dinner.
And that was the worst Italian food we have ever tired. 
Convinced that the resturant is a money-laundry hot spot for the mafia, we did not protest.
And besides, the wine was making us woozy.
When a bad day gone worse, the only thing you can do is laugh about it.
And travelling with a great companion can actually make it amusing and memorable.
I am so glad that I exprienced this comical day with my boyfriend; and am very grateful that whenever I needed to use washroom, he was the one who were eagerly looking for the loo.
I will stop before this entry get cheesy.
I am feeling a little bit windy today:)