My new flat is in WanChai, an "interesting" place if you ever took a walk along the neon-lighted streets at night. 
It has a healthy mixture of clueless tourists, backpackers, certain professionals with short skirts, and locals who are just curious about what the heck is going on on these streets. 
And there are those famous market streets where small vendors selling stuffs from dried fish, fresh flowers to fake Calvin Klein underwears(btw, did you know that "klein" means "short/small" in German?) and Gucci bags.
What does this have to do with Rome, you may ask?
Well, nothing really.  I just needed a good openning paragraph. 
No, there is actually a vague connection: the fake brands.
Given the EU’s outrage against Chinese knock-ups, one would think they have rigid rules against selling of fake brands.  
But not in Rome.  It’s paradise for knock-up shoppers–the Shenzhen of Europe if you wish. 
There are countless vendors selling flashy brand names at every tourist attraction.  Their targets are obvious: the tourists.
And boy did they pick the right target group! 
Just imagine, you are carrying this brand new Gucci bag to work or school, and people ask you where you got it.
You smile and reply " I got it in Italy!"  I bet no one would question its authenticity, and you don’t even have to lie.
Unfortunately I did not get any Gucci bags, although I have to admit that on several occasions I was attempted. 
But the vendors sure were helpful in another way: as free tour guides.
If you ever lost your way in Rome, just follow them!  They know every tourist attractions and sites, following them and you are bound to find your way back to your fellow tourists.  And from there, the semi-comprehensible transportation system of Rome might somehow prove its function. 
So, don’t ever worried about getting lost in Rome.  There are helpers everywhere!
Just don’t get all crazy when you see all these fountains–consult your bladder and wallet first.