Piece by piece, I am trying to put things together. 
As an Economics student, I know in long run everyone is dead.  When you are dead, what do you have to worry? 
Yea, that’s how I try to put myself in "historical" perspective. 
Think in long term, ladies and gentlemen!
The Romans are doing a pretty good job thinking historically.
The whole city of Rome is a historical site, as a matter of fact.
So the Romans decided to let it be: they live their lives as they please.
Of course it might not be very convenient for the tourists, but who cares about the stupid tourists? 
The Colosso is there, so are the fountains, the mesumes, the ruins of the once glorious Roman Empire…the tourists could not resist, they would flock in, with their romantic eyes trained by movies like "The Roman Holiday".
I am one of those stupid tourists. 
And I had a hell of time finding public washrooms.  (The ironic thing is that there are fountains everywhere: you can drink water from any fountain in the city, just forget about releasing it from your body.) 
This I believe is a conspricy masterminded by the countless cafes and resturants in the city.  Wanna use washroom?  Pay for your espesso!
(That’s when I really really miss McDonald.  But there is a funny story about McDonald in Rome, I will tell you in my later entries.)
And there are quite a few brave men (or women) refuse to comply with the rule: you can smell their rebellion. 
My boyfriend calls it "the smell of Rome".  And if you cannot smell it, you prob. have been in Rome for too long. 
To end this entry on a positive note, I enjoyed my stay in Rome.  No matter what, it is still a city of living art and history. 
And if I get a chance to visit it again, I will pack my suitcase in a heartbeat.  I know I will enjoy watching tourists looking for washrooms among all those fountains.