Never thought dinning out in Europe would be a problem, but there we were yesterday–searching for food in a strange small village.
Our mission: find a resturant that severs unhealthy food.
We could’ve gone to McDonald, but we figured if we are going to die of unbalanced diet, we’d rather try German sausages than the rubber they serve at McDonald.
And we found one.  My boyfriend ordered something for me that could potentially cause a heart attack in my old age.  But who cares, we were satisfied.   
The major problem of dinning out for me is the menu. 
I cannot read them.
German and English share many common or similar words, and I like to guess what’s the corresponding English words for the German ones.  But not with stuff written on menu–I’d like to have at least a vague idea of what I am going to put into my mouth. 
So far I recognized "salad", "soupe", "fish" and "pizza"–which are ,as you can see, all too healthy.
It’s time to expande my unhealthy food vocabulary.
And I will start with dessert.