How long have I been to Europe now? 
Been living (leaving:P) in a small village 3 hrs away from Wien (Vienna),  apprantely I’ve lost track of time. 
This is what they meant by "timeless" when people talk about Europe, I guess.
There won’t be any interesting or smart word-playing in this entry, as I am still not sure how I feel about Europe.
It’s has taken longer than usual for me to take it in–to breath in the air (good air quality, I have to say).
Kinda like walking in the clouds.
The German language has taken away part of my funny bones, so to speak. 
Engineers cannot make jokes, and the Germans didn’t become excellent engineers for no reason.
It’s all in their language: straight forward, logical, and sometimes too gender-obsessed.
Can anyone tell me how did they figure out the gender of a cellphone, please?