I used to go to the Spring Roll restaurant at Young and Bloor quite often when I was in Toronto.
The food was not bad, and more importantly, the waitress/waiters there had sense of Humor: they had a sign read "Tipping is sexy!"
And I felt obliged to be sexy whenever I saw it. 
Now if you do a search on Facebook: key words "reading is sexy", you will be surprised by the results.
Reading is now officially sexy–even without the librarian connotation.
So I strongly recommend my friends to get something to read. 
And better yet, show off your sexiness at www.aNobii.com
( my bookshelf, btw, can be accessed via www.aNobii.com/people/vonnegutfan )
Don’t worry about the books you are reading– Even Harry Potter is hotter than ever these days.
Again, I researched HP on Facebook.  Man, people just cannot quit talking about the series! 
Among hundreds of HP fan clubs, I joined "Die, Harry Potter, Die!". 
Well, the reason is simple: I agree with their theory, and I do not want to see yet another nice person die because of him.
I am even considering pre-order the last book so that I can get to know how Potter dies first hand. 
That was the Dr. Evil in me talking.