My U of T Sociology professor Barry Wellman hates it when strangers sharing their personal life with him. 
He used to take the Spadina street car to work everyday, but finally gave up on saving the planet because people would not quit disclosing how good/bad their lovers were.
Me, too.
But you will be surprised that how many people are willingly or unconsciously revealing their private life in public places. 
Take the couple sitting across from me on a No. 23 bus for examle, their mouths were glued to each other’s during the whole ride. 
Now I don’t mind lovers showing their affections toward eah other–I think it’s cute and adorable. 
But when the kisses became audible…you just wish you have an iPod with you. 
And it gets better.
They somehow started to investigate stupidity of human kind–and started off with their own stupidity.
The lady insisted that she was stupid.
And the guy was smart enough to disagree with her. 
She apprantely liked the response, for she replied cheerfully: "At least I am stupid enough to marry you."
The guy didn’t get the joke, and started to sound angry: "That was a mean and nasty thing to say!" 
The poor lady realized that she has overestimated her husband’s sense of humor, and started to apologize. 
He kept quiet. 
Finally!  I thought to myself.
But nope, aprantely they had to use their mouths for some reason–if talking is not a good idea, kissing might as well do. 
Next time, I am bringing along "My Chemical Romance".