Hong Kong ranks top in terms of economic freedom, you would have thought that it embraces "lassiez faire"  in other aspects as well.
But no, it is leaning towards Singaporean style by and by.
First, they will fine you for swearing in public;
then they will hire some old ladies holding mega phones to tell you what to do.
It’s true.
This morning, an old lady shouted at me inside the MTR station with her mega phone: HOLD THE HANDRAIL!!!
Since my ears are not sensitive to Cantonese yet, she shouted again in English.
I was impressed.
Afraid that she might wack me with the mega phone if I did not comply, I held the handrail as tightly as I could.
You never want to mess with an old lady holding a mega phone.
It is already enough that everywhere we go, there are always closed civilian televisions caputuring everything we do, now MTR has taken it to a whole new level.  
Tip of hat to MTR.  
What a great way to reduce unemployment rate!