Hong Kong is not a place for loner, especially in Chinese restaurants. 
They force you to dine with people you don’t know–kinda like blind dates, only you don’t talk with your dates, and you try to avoid any eye contact. 
It gets worse when the people you are sharing table with happen to like chewing food with their mouth open and make unbelievable sounds.  It’s one of the few things I cannot tolerant. 
And I often have to control my impulse of wanting to slap the noise generator.
I don’t mean to come off as a snob, but it irritates me like hell.
People should not be allowed to make any noises in public unless they are laughing, crying, singing or talking–this might be a great rule for the Singaporean government to consider implementing.
Movie theatre is another place that is not so loner-friendly.
Although I haven’t tried seeing movie alone in Hong Kong, my hunch is that your fellow movie-goers would threw empathethic looks at you.  You start to keep looking at the entrance as if your friends are showing up in any minute; when it is clear that no one is coming, you put on the "I cannot believe that bastard bailed on me" look, and cannot wait for the light to go off. 
And recently I heard that single guys are having a hell of time renting apartment–owners require more documents than necessary from them.  Aparantely, single guys are either gays or not trustworthy–either way, owners don’t want to make their life easier.
Man, it’s good to be a woman!