Forgive me if I sound like one of the girls–I just had an intensive two-day-date with them.
The thing is I tend to be influenced by the movies I was watching and the books I was reading in some strange ways: I can remember my sudden urge of getting a pair of yellow sneakers and a Japanese sword after watching Kill Bill.  Luckily, the Japanese sword was so hard to come by, I finally gave it up and got the original soundtrack instead. 
22 episodes in 2 days, my personal record.
And if I wasn’t stopped by my common sense, I would have stormed the bookstore and HMV to get all the books and music mentioned in the the series. 
The bookstores and HMV would love my sweet friend who sent the DVDs to me. 
The sad news is that I just finished watching the last season of my favorite TV show.   And my feelings are so mixed up that it is hard to describe them in words. 
The only thing I want to say is: Damn you, CW Network; Damn you, the lawyers who negotiated the contract; Damn you, the blood-thirst money-craving capitalists! 
Please forgive my language.
Now if you don’t mind, I am going to turn up the volume and let PJ Harvey to help releasing my anguish (in existentialist style).