The story goes like this:
You were out enjoying the shopping therapy and allegily shopping for birthday present for your boyfriend on Saturday.
Then he called from another continent and you told him what you were doing.
He said "Take your time, madame.  You got all the time in the world."
Usually, a smart girl like you should have noticed something was wrong by then, but your brain got all messed up by the exams-season-syndrom and you didn’t pick up the hint.
Then the next day, you ask him this stupid question:"when exactly is your birthday?"
And his answer:"It’s not today, not Friday; it’s somewhere in between."
Yea, am I the best girlfriend on Earth or what?
See guys, this is what you get when you have a girlfriend who has the memory of the goldfish.
No wonder I like elephants who are famous for their good memories–opposite attractions.
Happy belated birthday, my dear!
I will make it up to you, I promise!